Sharks Killed in Record Swim

Machete used to protect swimmer


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Open-water swimmer Penny Palfrey set a new world record for the longest unassited ocean swim on Sunday night, but it came steep cost: Palfrey’s support crew killed three white tip sharks who the crew says were behaving aggressively. Palfrey, a 48-year-old Australian and a grandmother, took 40:41 to cover 67.25 miles between Little Cayman and Grand Cayman islands. She also encountered four white tip sharks, three of which her support crew drew away with dead fish and then killed with a machete, claiming they were aggressive and would have continued threatening Palfrey. After the swim, Palfrey checked into a local hospital, suffering from dehydration and severe swelling of her face and tounge. “What she endured was a very brutal swim which left her traumatised from pushing herself too hard,” her husband, Chris, told The Australian newspaper. Others felt the sharks were more the traumatized party.

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