Shot Putter Stripped of Gold for Doping

Belarus athlete tested positive for steroids

Caty Enders

The International Olympic Committee announced Monday that Belarus shot putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk would be stripped of her London Games gold medal after testing positive for steroids. Ostapchuk tested positive for the anabolic steroid metenolone on the day before and the day after her gold medal win. Defending champion Valerie Adams of New Zealand, who came in second to Ostapchuk, will now be awarded gold. It marks the first of the London medal standings in all 302 events to be altered by a positive doping test. “Catching cheats like this sends a message to all those who dope that we will catch them,” I.O.C. spokesman Mark Adams told the Associated Press. The I.O.C. will store all samples from the London Games and intends to reanalyze them as newer and better doping tests become available.

Via CBC Sports