skydiving world record attempt World Team OutsideOnline news
Skydivers hold hands to maintain positioning during jumps. (Photo: Digital Vision/Thinkstock)

Skydivers Attempt World Record

All 222 of them

skydiving world record attempt World Team OutsideOnline news
Matthew Zampa

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This week, World Team skydivers will attempt to break the world record for largest double-formation jump. Expected to launch from 10 planes at 19,000 feet before Friday, the 222 jumpers plan to form a multicolored bull's-eye hurtling through the air at 120 mph.

The World Team will have 80 seconds to exit the planes, assume its double formation, and deploy 222 parachutes. A practice run shows them scattering 60 seconds into the jump after struggling to keep the outer ring of their pseudo-bull's-eye in place.

To practice for the event, the team has been doing “dirt dives”—making the bull's-eye formation on the ground—for the past 18 months.

The team will jump above Eloy, Arizona, where two men were killed in a midair collision during a world record attempt late last year.

The previous record for a double-formation skydive was set by 110 people in late 2013.

Day5Jump2SecC Mustafin from Skydive Mag on Vimeo.

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Lead Photo: Digital Vision/Thinkstock

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