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Snow Leopard are very difficult to see in the wild. Getting a picture is another story. (Thinkstock)

Snow Leopard Kill Caught on Camera

First-ever images captured by guide in Himalayas

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On a snow leopard tour through the Himalayas, guide Adam Riley captured possibly the first-ever images of a snow leopard kill. With fewer than 60 of these cats estimated to be left in this particular region, the photos are a stunning achievement.

The scene was captured in Hemis National Park in northern India, which is the largest national park in South Asia and ideal snow leopard habitat. The series of images shows the leopard stalking a small herd of blue sheep in a steep, rocky area. As a group of younger sheep gets separated, the hunt begins:

These images were taken by Indri Ultimate Wildlife Tours guide Adam Riley.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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