Black Friday Gift Special: How to Avoid Stores

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It's Black Friday, a time to avoid stores if there ever was one. To aid you in this effort, we here at the Powder Feed put together a cheat sheet of items you can buy online for the ripper that holds a special place in your heart. After polling dozens of skiers and snowboarders on their wish lists, the results are in. Need more ideas? Check out Outside's interactive gift finder.  


1. A fully planned weekend away. Bonus points for powder days and spa treatments. “Fond memories are very reinforcing for liking a guy,” says one gal. If you're coming up blank on ideas, enlist the good folks at to help you plan. 

2. A cozy down jacket. Our pick: Cloudveil's Inversion Hooded Jacket ($200), which is the best of all possible worlds: warm, comfy and cute. 

3. Anything made of cashmere. “It's elegant, it's nurturing, it's decadent, it's sensual,” attests one mountain woman. “Whenever I wear cashmere I find myself constantly squeezing and stroking it. If it's a sweater that [my husband] bought for me, well, that bodes well for his evening.” J.Crew has some nice items to choose from. May we suggest the Ribbed Cashmere Scarf ($98) for apres purposes? 

4. Underwear. Patagonia's capilene underthings are as functional as granny panties but approximately 20 times cuter. Try the low-riding Active Hipster ($20), and if you're really feeling generous, go for the Active Mesh Bra ($35), too. 

5. Slippers for our next hut trip. Sierra Designs Down Moccasins ($39) are cozy, water resistant, and made of recycled polyester. Just spare us the aqua color, ok? 

6. It's always the thought that counts, but nothing quite says “I love you” with a bang like a new snowboard. The K2 Women's Eco Pop ($499) is light, stable, and versatile.  

7. A custom necklace (from $98) made by Wyoming jeweler Annie Band. (Act now because it takes a while for her to crank these things out.) Band, also a bad-ass athlete, hand-crafts pendants, earrings, and other shiny stuff from ethically sourced gems and metals. How about an S turn, a tiny skier, or an engraving of your choice? 

8. A cute hat. Pistil has some nice options, like the Britta ($40), made of super soft cashmere (see #3) and merino. 

9. A Lomography Diana Mini camera (from $60). This new retro-style camera takes 35 mm film and shoots half-frame or square-format photos. Plus it easily fits into a jacket pocket. 

10. A night in which you make dinner AND do the dishes. 


1. Hut Trip Reservations. Colorado's 10th Mountain Division hut system has a lot of huts for rent, and many have sweet perks like saunas. 

2. Skis. You pretty much can't go wrong with Armada's all-mountain powder boards. Try the floaty, stable, ever-popular ARV ($599). 

3. High-performance gloves. Our sources say that Hestra Vertical Cut Freeride gloves ($155) are tops for mountain-going dudes. 

 4. A pack for backcountry skiing. Nothing says “I don't want you to die in an avalanche” like the Black Diamond Outlaw Avalung Pack ($230), which is the perfect size for day trips and features the Avalung breathing system. 

5. A beacon. The Ortovox S1 ($499) is made for multiple burials. It's not cheap, but then again, that might be you under the snow. 

6. A spiffy superhero-looking jacket like The North Face Animagi ($149), which is insulated with Primaloft on the body but not on the sleeves, making it ideal for high-octane sports like, say, skinning up a mountain. Check out a review of it from Outside's Gear Junkie. 


7. Whiskey. This might involve you going to a store, actually. Or you can get him a membership to the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society of America ($199 for the first year, $35 henceforth). Membership includes a 750 ml. bottle of the society's cherry-picked single cask single malt whiskey. “For those that don't appreciate such things, go with a 30 pack of PBR, which is always a good choice,” says one wise dude and member of the society from Crested Butte. “Or get him a flask to put it in.” Stanley's stainless steel Classic 8 oz. Flask ($20) is a solid pick. 

8. A good multi-purpose tool. The Leatherman Skeletool CX ($72) is light but has all the essentials: a blade, screwdrivers, pliers, and, most importantly, a bottle opener. 

9. GoPro HD Helmet Hero video camera. Sure, it's $299, but witnessing him look like a goober with that thing on his helmet? Priceless. (Plus, watching the vids he comes up with isn't bad either.) 

10. A iPod stocked with amp-him-up songs. (Check back next week for The Powder Feed's snow sports playlist.) A refurbished 8 GB iPod Nano goes for about $99. Refurbished 1 GB iPod Shuffles are about $39. 

Any other wishes from the blog-reading masses? World peace? Ferraris? 

Kate Siber

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