False Sense of Security?

According to the Peltzman effect, helmets and seat belts cause people to ski, drive, and ride more recklessly, if only slightly. We don’t suggest you trash your lid, but consider these numbers.


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 83: Percent of avalanche accidents involving avy-trained skiers and snowboarders that were due to poor decision making, rather than subtleties of the terrain or snowpack.

Safety Firsts

The evolution of the helmet

3: Inches closer to a helmeted cyclist a 
motorist will drive.

: Drop in risk of an ACL tear for someone who recreates wearing a knee brace.

: Percent likelihood of being killed or injured by a grizzly while defending yourself with a gun. (Likelihood with bear spray: 8 percent.)

: Protective benefit of an expensive bike helmet over a cheap one.

: Drop in annual fatal ski accidents at resorts since the widespread adoption of safety helmets.

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