A Helmet that Conforms to Your Head

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Ride Duster: Having trouble finding a ski helmet that fits? The Ride Duster works for all head shapes, thanks to independently moving panels that conform to even the eggiest noggins—all without pinching or squeezing. The company says the helmet's “Zone-Flex technology” consists of flexing pieces of certified-to-protect-your-head-in-a-crash EPS foam that line the shell, and move to match the shape of your head. From the video below, it looks like in a crash, your head would get squashed like a grape upon impact, but it appears the helmet somehow maintains the protective features of a regular hard-shell.

The jury is out on if it diffuses shock even better than something that doesn't flex.

Here's a demo of the flex:

The Duster has removable ear-pads, and is audio kit-compatible. Passive venting and tool-less goggle clip removal keep you stoked and steazy. And, for your lady friend with an odd-shaped head, Ride makes the Pearl. Available August 2012, $100,

-Berne Broudy

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