Lindsey Vonn Endorses New Workout Craze


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Somehow, we don't see this becoming the next barefoot running. In the video above from Leki, nordic walking expert Peter Schlickenrider stops by Lindsey Vonn's house in Austria to see if she's up for some nordic walking. Ding dong. “Hopefully, she's here.”

Cue Vonn walking to the door past Leki poles leaning against a wall, the eating of traditional Austrian cake, a weird conversational transition from cake to nordic walking, and bam, the huge endorsement from Vonn about the true source of her success.

“Nordic walking isn't just a fun outdoor activity, it's also great for training for ski racing,” she says.

Cue generic Coldplay-like soundtrack, close-ups of Leki poles and gloves, obligatory Leki branding, and scenes of Vonn doing nordic pole exercises clearly below her normal workout regimen—including the hops-a-long, which we don't recommend you try in your average American ski town, no matter how cool your poles are.

–Joe Spring

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