Naughty Pics Send Olympian Scotty Lago Home


The obvious thing to do after you win an Olympic medal is to go out and party, right? That’s precisely what Scotty Lago did after snagging the bronze in the snowboard halfpipe event last week. Unfortunately he didn’t get the memo about nixing the lewd and suggestive victory poses—or at least not doing them in front of anyone with a camera and access to the Internet. (In other words, everyone.) After pics of a female fan kissing his gold medal as it hung next to his crotch surfaced on the Internet late last week (view them at, Lago publicly apologized and left the Games. 

But it’s not like Lago is alone in his tasteless conduct. Shall we mention, oh, Phelps’ doobies, Bode’s carousing, or Jeret Peterson’s late-night brawl at past Games? It seems to me that Lago’s offense isn’t out of the realm of the expected, especially for a snowboarder… Or is it? 

Kate Siber