The New School of Skiing


Resorts are diversifying their offers more and more to try to please as many riders as possible. A new generation of skiers wants something new, and resorts are building terrain parks to cater to them. Not only do terrain parks present a place to play, they also separate those who want to play from those who don’t, which is good for the safety of everyone at the resort.

Don’t mistake these parks as a place for punk kids, though. Resorts typically have rules that riders must follow in order to ski in the terrain parks. 

“You have to build a place that is attractive to teens, which means ithas to be perceived as something just for them and away from themainstream,” said Jay Scambio, Boyne Resorts‘s terrain park development manager, to The New York Times. “Then you have to say, ‘O.K., but thereare rules here.'”

To hammer the message home: “Respect gets respect. No one likes a punk,” according to Peeps, the Park Education and Etiquette Program, at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire, owned by Boyne.

Want to try out a terrain park? Watch Restless Josie‘s video for tips on how to do tricks.

–Aileen Torres