Olympics: Hannah Teter Interview


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Hannah Teter, 23, came into Vancouver as the reigning champion in the women's halfpipe. She ended up not repeating a gold performance–but she did win the silver. Teter is a big star in the snowboarding world, but for those of you who don't follow the sport closely, perhaps you know her best as one of the ladies gracing the pages of the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, along with Lindsey Vonn. She likes to strut her stuff, but the girl is more serious than that. She's got a charity, Hannah's Gold, that funds clean-water projects and helps AIDS refugees in Kenya. If you want to help her out, go buy a pint of Ben & Jerry's Hannah Teter's Maple Blondie; part of the sales go to Hannah's Gold. Outside Online caught up with Teter after her halfpipe comp.

–Aileen Torres

Congrats on the silver! How do you feel about your performance?
I am really excited about landing my runs in finals and ending up on the podium.

Would you have done anything differently?
Nah, I'm pretty dang satisfied.

What are your thoughts on the progression of the sport and what you're seeing from your competitors?
Women's snowboarding is amazing right now and will keep evolving at this high level. With [bronze medalist] Kelly Clark's 10+ ft. of airs on every hit to [gold medalist] Torah [Bright]’s technical maneuvers, there is a wide variety of women pushing the envelope.

Did you have a good time in Vancouver? What did you like best about the city?
I had a blast, especially because I was staying at a super nice house with my whole family right at the bottom of Cypress. We were cooking organic vegetarian meals every night and keeping the vibe strictly positive. I love the whole layout of Vancouver and the super-friendly people who live there.

What's next for you?
We've launched a new line of underwear, different designs every month, for charities. Check 'em out:!