Olympics: Kris Freeman Interview


Kris Freeman, 29, has admittedly had a disappointing Olympics. He came in with high hopes and expectations but did not meet his targets. He took a wrong turn in his first race, had a diabetes-related problem in his second race, and dropped out of his last race because of exhaustion. The cross-country skier took some time at the end of the Games to talk with Outside Online about the whole experience.

–Aileen Torres

You've had a rough Olympics so far. What have been the major hurdles?
A little of everything, but this is just one of those times where it can be frustrating, but if we diagnose it maybe we will learn something positive and I can come back stronger. Even though it happens every four years with the Olympics, we still have world championships next year and other big events that I would like to find myself on top of the podium.

You had a moment of crisis in the 30 km. When did you know something was wrong and what went through your head?
Something like that happens so quickly that I did not know until it was actually happening. Once I got some sugar in me then I came back around and was able to finish.

Do you plan to compete in the next Winter Olympics?
Yes, that medal still eludes me and is something I would like to conquer.

Will you change your training regime and/or nutrition, taking into account what happened in this Olympics?
It is always changing anyway, depending on time of year, location, etc. I am sure we will look at the things that went wrong and try to fix them, but most importantly is still trying to find that right place with my insulin for each race.

What's next for you after Vancouver?
Too early to tell. Just heading home today, and then we will see.