Olympics: Lindsey Vonn Drops Out of Slalom


Lindsey Vonn missed a gate in the slalom today and did not finish the race. About 16 seconds into her first run, her right ski flew wide on a gate and she was unable to pull her skis back together, causing her to straddle the next gate. Vonn was 44-hundredths of a second behind Maria Riesch of Germany when she missed the gate. Riesch ended up winning the first run. There will be a second run later today, and Vonn will not compete. 

“Slalom has been a struggle for me all year,” Vonn said, according to The New York Times. She crashed in the giant slalom on Wednesday and broke a finger.

But she insists that it has been a good Olympics for her. “My goal was to win one gold medal and that’s what I did [in the women's downhill],” Vonn said. “Then I started trying to win more medals. Maybe I could have donebetter. In the super combined, I had a chance to win a medal but Iwanted to go for the gold medal. I think I skied well in the super-G,so over all, I'm happy with my performance. The other two races, Itried my best, but sometimes things don't work out perfectly.”

–Aileen Torres