Olympics: The Top 5 Moments of the Last Week


The Olympics have officially wrapped up, and in case you missed the major events of the last week of the Games in Vancouver, here's our list of the best moments:

5. Canada beat the U.S. in men's hockey, 3 to 2, in an overtime game. The host country also racked up the most gold medals in this Olympics, 14, while the U.S. held on to the most medals overall at 37 total.

4. Kris Freeman dropped out of the 50K race due to exhaustion. The cross-country skier had a rough Olympics, having taken a wrong turn in an earlier race and experiencing a diabetes-related problem in another.

3. Lindsey Vonn dropped out of the slalom after missing a gate. She had crashed earlier in the giant slalom, causing problems for Julia Mancuso, whose run was interrupted by officials to prevent her from running into Vonn at the bottom of the hill. 

2. Bode Miller and Ted Ligety both missed gates in the first run of the men's slalom, which ended their bid for a medal in the event. Miller still walked away with a gold in the super-combined, silver in the super-G, and bronze in the downhill. Ligety did not podium at all in Vancouver.

1. Apolo Ohno earned his eighth Olympic medal, despite having been disqualified from the 500-meter race for bumping into Francois-Louis Tremblay of Canada. Ohno said he was trying to move up towards the end of the race, but there was just no room and he put his hand out to try to stop himself from bumping into the Canadian. Ohno made up for the faux-pas in the 5,000-meter relay by helping his teammates win bronze for the U.S.

–Aileen Torres