Olympics: The Top 5 Weekend Moments


Hey there, Olympics fanatics. Here's a recap of what went down this weekend, in case you had to step away from your comfy couch:

5. The U.S. has racked up 24 medals so far, putting it at the top of the country rankings. Germany follows with 18 and Norway with 12.

4. Kris Freeman finished 45th in cross-country skiing, after his blood sugar crashed (he's diabetic). He stopped to lie down on the ground, then got some help from a German coach, who gave him Gatorade and an energy gel. Freeman's been having a rough Olympics; he also finished 59th in the men's 15k.

3. Ted Ligety finished fifth in the super combined, unable to repeat his victory in the last Olympics. While his roommate…

2. Bode Miller took the gold, his first ever Olympic one. He bagged first place despite being injured in a bad crash during a training run last week. Miller is now the first U.S. alpine skier to win three medals in a single Olympics, and he has two more chances to add to his tally.

1. Apolo Ohno nails his seventh medal–a bronze in the 1,000 meters–which means he's now the American athlete with the most medals ever in Winter Olympics history: two gold, two silver, and three bronze. The American with the most Olympic medals ever–Michael Phelps, with 14–was there to cheer Ohno on. The speed skater will compete in the 500 meter and the 5,000-meter relay next.

–Aileen Torres