Skiers on the Run, Filming Their Stunts


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Combine guerilla filmmaking with rails, concrete, and skis and you have Stept Productions new movie The Eighty Six. It's not all about pushing boundaries in the city. The crew visits pipes and mountains too. Still, the trailer makes it clear that the thrill comes from notching new, restricted ski spots others have left alone, like Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado.

Here's a bit more on the movie from Stept Productions:

Stept’s 2012 ski film presents a migration from ski resorts, to cities,
and back to the mountains. Everyone in the Stept crew skis, films, and
works on the project together, sneaking from location to location,
taking the term ‘guerilla filmmaking’ to new levels. Facing obstacles like broken cars, fires, law enforcement, competitions,
water parks, parents and Denver Bronco’s security, they’re able to
consistently pick up, leave, and continue filming elsewhere.

For those who are interested in such shenanigans, which are at the least acrobatically impressive, the flick is available for $19.95 at

—Joe Spring