Snowboarder Stranded on Lift: Victim or Dumbass?


I was reading the news today and came across an interesting headline on the BBC website: “Money-burning snowboarder rescued from alpine ski lift.” Turns out Mr. Dominik Podolsky, 22, of Munich took the lift down at a ski resort in the Austrian Alps and got stranded for about six hours 30 feet off the ground with no cell phone. 

Podolsky burned the contents of his wallet to the tune of 120 euros to attract attention, and a cleaning crew eventually spotted him. He was rescued and treated for hypothermia. What's the next obvious thing to do? Sue the ski area, of course! The ski area says Podolsky hadn't heeded signs warning skiers not to board the lift going down (because that's not obvious, right?) so they can't be liable. 

What I don't get is why was he taking the lift to go downhill in the first place? 

Kate Siber