Stuff You Should Click On: Week of December 17


Haggis potato chips, psychedelic snails, drunk lorikeets, an iPhone that speaks Spanish, and a carload of snowboarders. Our journey this week through the interweb to find stuff to click on was an interesting trip.

¡Es Loco!

¡Es MUY Loco!

Best Drives:
Increase Your Shred Per Gallon (Transworld Snowboarding)

Worst Drives:
These Are America's Worst, Best Commutes (Wired Autopia)

Good Times Down Under?
Australian Lorikeets Acting Drunk, Passing Out, Enduring Hangovers (Wend)

Psychedelic Snails:
Clusterwink Snails Defend Themselves With Superfast Flashing Shells (Wired Science)

Not a Bad Flip:
Wyoming Sells Feds Land Inside Teton National Park for $107 Million (

That's How They Getcha:
Half Dome Hiking Permits Now Required Every Day (Adventure Journal)

Fancy a Crisp?
Tired of BBQ Chips? Here come Haggis (

Where Icebergs Go to Die:
Mega-Icebergs Go to South Georgia Island to Die (TreeHugger)

–Michael Webster