Stuff You Should Click On: Week of February 18


With this Monday being Presidents' Day, many of you are likely headed to slopes for a long ski weekend. Below, a few clips, galleries, and other assortments to get you in the mood. And if skiing's not your thing, well, we've got you covered, too. Here's the stuff you should click on this week.

Start Off Your Long Ski Weekend Right:

(Hat tip to The Adventure Blog and

A New Take on Nordic Skiing:

A Better Take:

But Nothing Can Beat These:
The Nine Best Ski Movies of All Time (SkiNet)

And if Skiing's Not Your Jam:
9 Ultra Secretive and Exclusive Places You'll Probably Never See (NileGuide)

What You Were Really Thinking Last Monday:
Valentine's Day Cards for The Rest of Us… (The Verteblog)

And Today's Lesson OR George Bluth on Aron Ralston:
Leaving A Note and Hiking (

–Michael Webster