Stuff You Should Click On: Week of February 25


From spotting the English Nessie to the world's longest triathlon—plus a few lost bros in Idaho—here's the stuff you should click on this week.

Outside Reader of the Year Runner-Up Still Trekkin':
World Tri Update: Charlie Is On Foot, Headed Toward Everest (The Adventure Blog)

Bownessie? There's an App for That:
Is This Bownessie? Four-Humped Beastie Spotted in Lake Windermere (Daily Mail)

Worth Shooting for Someday:
Senior Winter Games at Bear Valley (San Francisco Chronicle)

Wonder If This Guy Will Be There:
Jackson Hold Drops Charges on 78-Year-Old Uphill Skier (

Not Exactly Moses:
Lost Snowboarders Set Tree on Fire (

OK, I Guess These Things Are Kind of Cool:

This Isn't Bad Either:
Rooms with a Brew: 8 Hotels for the Traveling Beer Geek (Vagabondish)

–Michael Webster