Sweet Deal? Ski Resort on Auction Block

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Just in case you have a cool million or two lying around in your bank account (or really good credit), we here at the Powder Feed have divined a good* way for you to use it: Buy Elk Meadows Ski Resort in southwestern Utah. The non-operational ski resort is up for (sealed bid) auction through Friday, Nov. 20. Minimum bid: $1 million.

You’ll get 1,138 acres of forested hillsides, 36 ski runs, six lifts, two lodges, nine condos, some miscellaneous roads, and 400 inches of annual snowfall. You’ll also inherit the strained relationships with townspeople the old owners helped stoke by trying to turn the place into a private golf-and-ski resort akin to member’s-only Yellowstone Club. Oh, and current and future liabilities (like past-due taxes) are estimated at over $400,000. But you will have fresh tracks for a lifetime. Check it out here

Kate Siber

*Ski bums associated with the Powder Feed can’t be liable for the merit of their financial recommendations.

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