Top 3 James Bond Ski Chase Scenes

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I think one of James Bond's best unsung talents was eluding bad guys on skis. In honor of 007's schralping capabilities, I put together three of his best ski-chase scenes for your viewing pleasure. My vote for top honors is The Spy Who Loved Me, which features an impressive B.A.S.E. jump before it was even invented. Hell, Shane McConkey even made a spoof of it! 

1. The Spy Who Loved Me. Check out early B.A.S.E.-jumping footage!

2. For Your Eyes Only. Ok, this one is a little long (start around 3:40) but Roger Moore skiing the bobsled track is impressive.

3. The World Is Not Enough. It's dubbed in French but let's be honest, you're not watching for the dialogue.

Kate Siber

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