Video of Bode Miller’s Calculated, Risk-Filled Run

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On Saturday, The New York Times ran an article detailing skier Bode Miller's plan to attack the Birds of Prey downhill course with an abandon beyond anything he had done before.

“The level of intensity I had, the risk I took, was the highest risk I think I’ve ever taken,” Miller told The New York Times. “It builds huge anxiety in the start when you know you’re about to do something that’s terribly risky and sketchy. It’s amazing when you get to the finish, but at the start it’s miserable.”

Miller won the race.

A day later, swiss skier Sandro Viletta took a cue from Miller's risky approach. He flew down in the super-G at Birds of Prey and won. Want to know more? Read The New York Times article on Viletta's plan. Not enough? Watch the video above of Miller's risk-filled run and the video below of Viletta's post-race interview.

–Joe Spring

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