The World’s First Wind-Powered Ski Resort


Berkshire East Ski Area in Massachusetts became the world's first wind-powered ski resort this month, according to Yahoo Finance.

With the on-site installation of a new German-manufactured PowerWind56 turbine, the family owned resort is now able to satisfy more than 100 percent of its energy needs. The turbine has a rated power of 900kW.

The cost for the turbine, which included a feasibility study, some design, and construction, was covered by state and federal grants and a loan from a local bank. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center is reported to have provided a total of $440,000 in grants.

“We are excited to share this state-of-the-art sustainable technology with the next generation of skiers and business owners,” said co-owner Jim Schaefer. “It will eliminate over 1,400 tons of the greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere every year—that’s the equivalent of driving a car 2 million less miles or planting 85,000 trees annually.”

No word on whether the cleaner air will help out-of-shape skiers catch their breath.

–Michael Webster