Youngest Explorer to Ski to North Pole


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Video from Parker's training in Longyearbyen before his March 2010 North Pole attempt

Sixteen-year-old Parker Liautaud, who was born in California but now lives in London, has already done some hardcore adventuring, such as climbing the Rockies and coming within 15 miles of the North Pole. This failed attempt to the North Pole occurred last March when Liautaud and his fellow polar explorer, Doug Stoup, had to stop because of bad weather, southward drift, and warming temperatures.

The duo just set out for their second attempt, the One Young World North Pole expedition. If they succeed, Parker will become the youngest person in history to ski to the North Pole. Part of the reason Parker is exploring the North Pole is to draw attention to global climate changes. During Parker's first attempt, he started The Last Degree, an organization to educated young adults about the environmental issues of the polar regions.

The journey is about 70 miles long and Parker will be pulling a 115 pound sled the entire way. During the expedition, Parker and Stoup will collect snow thickness measurements for the University of Alberta. During the journey, Parker will be updating his blog.

Other teenagers who are exploring the world include Jordan Romero and Abby Sunderland.

–Mattie Schuler

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