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What's the best ski setup for Jackson Hole?

I know it's early but I have a ski question. I've snowboarded since I was seven but I started skiing last year. What would be the best ski/boot/binding combo for skiing the resort in Jackson and doing some backcountry stuff too. Skyler Dubois, WY

Twin Freaks

Twin Freaks

All told, the Marolts have six ski descents from about 7,000 meters. “People who haven’t done this have no concept,” Mike says. “It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do.”

What’s the best way to fix torn ligaments in the ankle?

I tore a ligament in the ankle area last August and it still gives me a bit of grief at times, though a recent ultrasound showed nothing. I'm walking around the house wearing an ASO Ankle Brace but worry that I won’t have enough flexibility in my ankle area to cross-country ski; do you have any thoughts here?—MarilynToronto, Ontario

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