Solo Hiker Crawls 4 Days With Broken Leg

Man lost in same Utah canyon as Ralston


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A North Carolina man was hiking alone in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park last week spent days trying to crawl to safety after he broke his leg in Lower Blue John Canyon, near the spot where Aron Ralston was trapped for 127 hours in 2003. Amos Richards, 64, had planned on a day hike in the canyon last week when he fell ten feet and broke his right leg. Lacking proper clothing or a map but carrying five liters of water and two power bars, Richards crawled for three days and four nights. Rescuers discovered him after coming across his abandonded campsite and launching a search. Richards was airlifted from the canyon and flown to Moab Regional Hospital. Ralston, whose story Outside wrote about in 2004, was trapped under a boulder in Lower Blue John Canyon and ultimately severed his right arm to escape.


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