Speed: Step Aside, Carl Lewis

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Outside magazine, October 1994

Speed: Step Aside, Carl Lewis
By Todd Balf (with Greg Child and Dan Dickison)

If Leroy Burrell had business cards inscribed with the words “World’s Fastest Man,” would anyone argue? Burrell, who briefly held the world record for the 100-meter sprint four years ago, covered the equivalent of a football field plus a few feet in 9.85 seconds in Lausanne, Switzerland on July 7. The time eclipsed the three-year-old record of fellow American and Santa Monica
Track Club teammate Carl Lewis by a mere one-hundredth of a second, but no doubt the 27-year-old Burrell found the feat especially satisfying: He no longer bears the burden of being called the “next Lewis.” Given the fleeting nature of sprint records, however, Burrell did seem a little ambivalent. “Everyone thinks this [record] will be broken a few more times this year,” he told
reporters after the race. “I feel like I’ve been handed a hot piece of gold.”

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