Sriracha Production Suspended

Hot Sauce Fumes are Too Strong


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A small squirt of Sriracha hot sauce can make eyes water and throats burn. So imagine the possible side effects from a 655,000-square-foot Sriracha factory.

Residents of Irwindale, California, have learned firsthand that such a facility does in fact cause irritated eyes and throats, headaches, and unbearable odors. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, about 30 people have filed complaints against Sriracha producer Huy Fong Foods, including one family that was forced to move a birthday party indoors due to an intolerable spicy odor. 

On Monday, the city took action; Irwindale filed suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Huy Fong Foods, “claiming that the odor was a public nuisance and asking a judge to stop production until the smell can be reduced.”

A judge will decide whether to grant the order on Thursday. While we wait, what’s your favorite way to use the hot sauce? We like it on our eggs.


UPDATE: On October 31, the Los Angeles County Superior Court decided not to suspend Sriracha production at Huy Fong Foods. 

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