St. Louis Rabbit Die-Off a Mystery

Officials suspect feed tampering

Ryan O'Hanlon

Bodies are turning up on suburban lawns, and no one has any explanation. As of about three weeks ago, the St. Louis neighborhood of Villanova, normally filled with rabbits, has seen a near-complete disappearance of the animals, according to a report by a local Fox affiliate. “I’ve lived here about 16 years,” said Joe Dobbs, a Villanova resident. “Never seen anything like this. Usually see rabbits all over the neighborhood and now, for some reason, they’re just showing up dead.” Residents have speculated that West Nile is to blame. Mike Arduser, a spokesperson from the Missouri Department of Conservation, said he can’t be sure of the problem without performing drug tests on some of the dead rabbits, but he believes that a human cause is most likely behind the mass fatalities.

Via Riverfront Times