Stingrays Injure 41 at California Beach

Lifeguards set up triage center


San Diego beachgoers are on alert for stingrays after 41 people were injured and one taken to the hospital on Wednesday. Lifeguards and paramedics set up a triage area near the beach at La Jolla Shores with buckets of hot water to break up the protein toxins and ease the intense pain caused by the stingray barbs. While the number of injuries is higher than usual, it is not unheard of for this time of year. Once the water gets above 50 degrees, stingrays are an everyday sight along the Southern California coastline. in 2010, 130 people were stung over a four-day period at the same beaches. Lifeguards suggest shuffling your feet upon entering and exiting the water to avoid taking stingrays by surprise.  

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