Students Lose Fingers in Tug of War

Rope snapped, severed multiple fingers


Truly, the age of innocence has passed. Two students at South El Monte High School in California were participating in a seemingly harmless game of tug of war with about 40 of their peers when the rope snapped and severed multiple fingers from both students’ right hand. Edith Rodriguez and Pablo Ocegueda, both seniors, were taken to a nearby hospital where doctors attempted to reattach the fingers. There has been no update on their condition.

Other incidents of tug of war severings include a game in Minnesota in 2008 where a girl lost four fingers to a rope wrapped around her hand, and a 1,600-person tug of war in Taiwan in 1997 that severed the arms of two men.

The International Tug of War Federation, which has not released a statement, has a rigid set of rules and safety regulations which can be viewed here.