Tesla CEO Slams ‘New York Times’ Review

Claims test of electric sedan was unfair


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has called out the New York Times for what he believes is a dishonest review of his company’s new Model S electric sedan. The largely negative review, written by John M. Broder, makes the claim that the Model S does not possess the advertised range and performs poorly in cold weather.

However, Tesla monitors each Model S loaned to the media through the vehicle’s logging feature. “NYTimes article about Tesla range in cold is fake,” Musk tweeted on Monday. According to Musk, Broder’s Model S tells a very different story from his review.

No official data from Broder’s test drive has been released, but Tesla is planning to issue a statement detailing what happened. In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Musk accused Broder of making several errors during the drive, including not fully charging the vehicle, driving into rush hour traffic, and driving over the speed limit. “You can’t do that, whether it’s a gasoline car or an electric car, and expect to achieve the top range,” he said.

The Tesla’s advertised range is roughly 300 miles per single full charge, but drops when driven over highway speeds or when the heating and cooling system is used.