Tim DeChristopher to Leave Prison

Bidder 70 headed to halfway house

Adam Roy

Convicted climate activist Tim DeChristopher will finish out the last six months of his sentence in a Salt Lake City halfway house. He is scheduled for release on October 24. DeChristopher, who was sentenced to two years in federal prison for violating the onshore oil and gas development leasing act, is “excited to be getting out of prison,” his attorney, Pat Shea, told Deseret News. During the day, DeChristopher will work at a job in the First Unitarian Church, and may apply to Harvard Divinity School to become a minister, Shea said. In 2008, DeChristopher posed as a bidder to disrupt a Bureau of Land Management auction of oil and gas leases. He ended up winning $1.8 million in land parcels, and was arrested after admitting he had no intention of paying for them. In September, DeChristopher announced he would drop his appeals of the sentence, saying in a statement that it was a “predetermined conclusion that I should be punished for standing up to the collusion between government and corporations.”

Via Deseret News