Tiny Lobster Boat Blocks Coal Tanker

Successfully delayed unloading of shipment


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A 32-foot wooden lobster boat named Henry David T. pulled into the unloading dock of Brayton Point Power Station Wednesday morning and successfully forced a 690-foot freighter carrying 40,000 tons of coal to sit idle all day

The blockade was the doing of two climate activists, Jay O’Hara and Ken Ward, who run the website Coal Is Stupid. They wanted to bring attention to the fact that Brayton Point is New England’s single largest emitter of carbon dioxide, and that the freighter was carrying coal mined using the controversial method of mountaintop removal.

When asked by the Coast Guard to move the boat, O’Hara and Ward found their anchor was stuck. The boat finally left around 6:30 p.m., and the men were not arrested. Though the activists left believing they had successfully blocked unloading for the day, the freighter unloaded its shipment that evening.

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