Tornado Hits Denver Airport

Passengers crowd into shelters

Adam Roy

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A tornado that touched down at Denver International Airport on Tuesday afternoon diverted flights and forced passengers to take shelter in restrooms, but did not cause any injuries, a spokesperson for the airport said.

Laura Coale told the Denver Post that there was no major structural damage from the twister, which lasted approximately half an hour and downed several power lines. Outside senior editor Grayson Schaffer was at the airport when the tornado hit. In an email, he described the scene.

TSA agents were aggressively ushering people into the bathrooms, which double as tornado shelters. Most people were in disbelief that there was actually a tornado nearby. When I went outside, I immediately saw a handful of shuttle drivers clustered together with their phones out. The funnel cloud had formed almost directly above the airport. Planes were still landing despite what some passengers described as a 70 mile per hour tail wind. The funnel dissipated and moved east after five or ten minutes.

See incredible video from the scene of the tornado here.

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