Beer sampler
Beer sampler (Melissa Fiene/Thinkstock)

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Craft brews highlight native ingredients

Beer sampler

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A trend in craft brewing has beer makers seeking out local flavors to connect individual brews to their surroundings. NPR News reports that brewers are headed into their own backyards in search of ingredients like leaves, roots, berries, and even fungi to create a uniquely local taste.

The movement has even created groups like Beers Made by Walking, which leads hikes in search of pint filling ingredients. Large breweries like Deschutes and New Belgium have even participated in the walking hunts.

Small breweries like Desert Eagle Brewery in Salt Lake City are hiking into the mountains in search of wild hops. And Uncommon Brewers in Santa Cruz makes a red ale using maple-scented candy cap mushrooms.

Video: Brew Dogs making beer on a keg-boat in Portland, OR.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Melissa Fiene/Thinkstock