Triathlete Dead in NYC Ironman Identified

Hong Kong Policeman expired in the swim

Caty Enders

A triathlete who died during the swimming leg of the Ironman U.S. Championship on Saturday has been identified as a 43-year-old officer in the Hong Kong Police Force. Ironman organizers said competitor Andy Naylor experienced “distress” toward the end of the 2.4-mile Hudson River swim, and that though he was pulled from the water, attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. “Our swim safety personnel were there within seconds,” organizer Jeff Korff said. “We can speculate on what happened until the cows come home. I think we were as well prepared as we could be.” Just days earlier, Naylor had set a course record at the TEVA Kayak ‘n’ Run competition in Sai Kung, Hong Kong. Ironman officials say the cause of death is unknown and an autopsy will be performed.

Via San Francisco Chronicle