New York City Bike Cops pakred
New York City police car pars in bike lane on Sept. 6, 2012. The blog Cops in BIke Lanes is raising awareness of the problem by documenting each occurence in the city. (Mlcastle/Flickr)

Tumblr Justice: Cops in Bike Lanes

New blog holds cops responsible

New York City Bike Cops pakred

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For New York City’s police officers, the rules say, “No parking, standing or stopping vehicles within or otherwise obstructing bike lanes.” But a new Tumblr catalogues just that. Titled “Cops in Bike Lanes,” the blog has currently documented more than 40 instances of cops in bike lines since it started less than a month ago.

“There are certain hotspots (usually near precincts) where there are NYPD vehicles parked in bike lanes regularly,” the blog’s founder, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Salon. “Bikes are an afterthought on our streets. If the NYPD, who are supposed to be there to protect all New Yorkers, show such disregard for bike lanes and the safety of cyclists then how can we expect any more from the general population?”

Cyclist and New York police officers have long been at odds. In 2010, a rookie New York City police officer was caught pushing a Critical Mass rider from his bike. NYC’s cycling community was outraged when the officer was let off without serving any time in jail or performing community service.

In 2011, cyclist Casey Neistat made a short film about an NYC police officer giving him a ticket for not riding in the bike lane:

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