Washington Lawmakers Propose Bike Tax

Part of $10 billion transportation package


Light your torches and start angrily brandishing your bike locks. They’re coming for you. Washington State Democrats rolled out a new $10 billion transportation package Wednesday that could raise taxes on gas, cars, and even bicycles.

According to the Seattle Times, the package would place a $25 sales fee on bikes worth $500 or more, a move projected to raise $1 million over 10 years. The state gas tax would also increase by 10 cents over five years and cars would be taxed 0.7 percent of their value.

Democrats will attempt to pass the package in the Legislature, or, barring that, submit it as a proposal to voters.

“The plan puts $10 billion to work and is investing in the future of the state,” says House Transportation Chairwoman Judy Clibborn. “It will fund the projects that fight gridlock, improve safety, and definitely promote economic development.”

You can read the proposal in more detail here.