WATCH: Fireworks Truck Hits Moose, Goes Off

Driver escapes unharmed, condition of moose unknown


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A large truck loaded with fireworks struck a wandering moose on Friday morning, shutting down the Trans Canada Highway for over 5 hours and setting off a killer fireworks display.

The collision occurred at about 1 a.m. on Friday morning near the town of Wawa, Ontario. The fuel tanks reportedly ruptured, sparking a fire. Firefighters were able to contain the blaze, but not before the flames reached the fireworks in the back of the truck and got the party started.

Fortunately, the driver and his passenger were able to escape the cab of the truck unharmed. The moose’s condition, however, is still unknown.

Brenda Grundt, who originally reported the story for Wawa-News, says the moose threat is still far from over. “There were two moose involved in vehicle collisions last night,” writes Grundt. “Wawa-news saw five moose this morning, four on the way to the fire, and one crossed directly in front of the truck as we went back to Wawa.”

Residents are remaining vigilant.