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Four time champ Jeff King releases helmet cam footage from 2014 Iditarod (Jeff King YouTube/Anchorage Dail)

WATCH: Iditarod By Helmet Cam

Worst conditions in history

News OutsideOnline Iditarod

No snow and fast conditions have made the 2014 Iditarod one of the most harrowing in the race’s legendary history. If you’ve ever wondered just how intense it is on the 1,000-mile sled dog trail, check out four-time champ Jeff King’s helmet cam footage, released today. King captured this video on Monday, March 3 between Rainy Pass and the Rohn checkpoint near the Alaska Range. Many competitors said they were lucky they survived that particular stretch, and several dropped out due to the conditions.

Iditarod update: Martin Buser regained the lead on Friday after Aliy Zirkle took a two-hour rest in Galena. The Yukon River section awaits mushers this weekend, which is often a deciding section of the race.

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Lead Photo: Jeff King YouTube/Anchorage Dail