gopro orangutan ukelele plays instrument
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WATCH: Orangutan Plays, Eats Ukelele

Has little use for the arts in the wild

gopro orangutan ukelele plays instrument

What happens when an instrument of human art and recreation crosses the line from civilization into the wild? It becomes food, then, failing that, a tool for survival.

The folks at GoPro, who have been working with the Frankfurt Zoological Society to introduce us to the orangutans of Sumatra, released this video of one of our simian friends attempting to play, eat, then dig a hole with a ukulele, in that order.

The orangutan plucks a clear b, then, perhaps having fulfilled all of his artistic desires, attempts to eat the strings. When the strings fail to provide sustenance, the orangutan turns the instrument around and starts digging into the earth. One small step for simian kind.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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