News Red Bull Stratos
Baumgartner before the jump (deoman56/Flickr)

WATCH: POV of Baumgartner’s Historic Jump

Red Bull releases new footage

News Red Bull Stratos

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Nearly a year ago, Felix Baumgartner completed the highest jump in history, plummeting from 127,851 feet—about 24 miles. This week, Red Bull released Baumgartner’s POV video from the jump. The nine-minute clip, which includes everything from an altimeter to a heart rate gage, shows Baumgartner spinning through space, only to be stabilized by his top speed of 844mph, according to Wired.

After Baumgartner breaks through the sound barrier and deploys his parachute, the video is relatively calm as he enjoys his descent toward New Mexico. While nauseating to some, the video is a fascinating window into an incredible event and well worth a watch.

The Red Bull Stratos project also recently released a full-length documentary, which outlines the entire story behind the jump. 

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: deoman56/Flickr

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