WATCH: Rare Video of a Wild Oarfish

Shot by the SERPENT project

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Alien, reclusive, majestic. These are just a few of the terms that come to mind while staring slack-jawed at the most recent footage of the elusive oarfish. The oarfish (which bears no small resemblance to the creatures in James Cameron’s 1988 film, The Abyss) is the longest of all bony fish and is known to reach nearly 50 feet in length. While they sometimes wash up on shore or get caught by fishermen, video of an oarfish in the wild is rare.

The footage, which was shot by the SERPENT project over the past few years, is part of a recently released research paper. SERPENT, a collaborative effort between marine researchers and the oil and gas industry, provides scientists with industrial data and other advanced deep-sea research technology.  The video, which will almost certainly brighten your day and imbue the world around you with a sense of wonder, can be seen below. (The best shots come after the 5:00-mark):

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