7 Questions with Julia Mancuso

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Julia Mancuso discusses her current racing season, her relationship with Norwegian skier Aksel Lund Svindal, and whether little sister Sara will be competing in 2014. To listen to the extended interview click here, or subscribe to our iTunes podcasts.
—Stayton Bonner

How do you stay competitive during the season?
I believe in myself, focus on making the right turns, and then let the competition do what they do. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I put on my free-skis, cruise around, and remember why my job is so awesome. You go, “Wait a minute, I’m staying at a five-star hotel for free and skiing the most amazing spots in the world.”

Still traveling in an RV with bunkbeds and tie-dyed sarongs on the wall?
I still have the tie-dyed sarongs but I’ve downsized to a VW California. I’m driving, cooking, and hanging out in there. It’s got a fridge, propane cooker, and seat that moves into a bed. There’s also a pop-top so you can sleep up there when it’s warmer.

Any truth to the rumor you’re engaged to gold medal skier Aksel Lund Svindal?

I’m not engaged but it’s true we’re dating.

What’s on the iPod?
I’m a mellow music person. Ben Harper. My sister’s an artist so I’m always listening to some Sara Mancuso. Also rock out to the Black Keys and MGMT.

Any chance of you and little sis competing together in 2014?
Actually, I’m trying to convince Sara to try her luck in skiercross. So maybe I can convince her to do that and she might make the 2014 Winter Olympics. That’d be fun.

Why'd you recently launched your own lingerie line Kiss My Tiara?
I started wearing lucky underwear when I won my first national title. I made it into “Super Jules” underwear, started wearing a tiara, and combined the two together, calling it “Kiss My Tiara”.

Some athletes never wash their lucky socks. Was that the case?
Ew, no.

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