Kirkconnell spears a bull mahi mahi (D.J. Struntz)

Ready, Aim, Sushi

Two of the world's best spearfishermen hunt for fish the size of offensive linemen.


*Caution: The following video and gallery contain sensitive material, including the death of a large shark. All parties involved wish to emphasize that this killing was made in self-defense.

Video: Ready, Aim, Sushi

Underwater filmmaker Ryan McInnis of InSea.TV accompanied spearfishermen Craig Clasen and Cameron Kirkconnell on recent hunts for tuna in the Gulf of Mexico. During the course of one dive, a tiger shark charged McInnis. The following short includes the ensuing back and forth between the divers and the shark.

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Gallery: Spearfishermen

Photographer D.J. Struntz captured the freedivers’ encounters with large sharks, sea turtles, and numerous large fish.

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From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: D.J. Struntz