Applying Video Effects from The Matrix to Surfing

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The coolest case for technological collaboration we've seen in a while involves turning rapid-speed surf action turned into slow-motion footage straight out of The Matrix. “We wanted to look at surfing in a whole new light,” says Rip Curl creative director James Taylor. “And ultimately do something that would blow people's minds.”

Rip Curl teamed up with GoPro and Timeslice to create the video. Videographers dragged 30-camera GoPro arrays into the ocean, and then a team of pros cut the footage into what you see above. To find out how this collaboration evolved, we did a little digging.

Last year, Rip Curl partnered with Timeslice Films‚ the innovators behind the bullet scenes in The Matrix, to put together a revolutionary new surf video. The team headed to a wave pool in Malaysia and lined up 52 DSLR cameras and mounted them on a rig made of scaffolding. They towed surfers on jet skis into the cameras' field of vision and then shot. They used a series of laptops set up on set to make sure they had the footage they needed. The finished video and behind the scenes video from that shoot were posted on YouTube in August 2010.

Malaysia Video

Malaysia Behind the Scenes

Next, the team decided to bring their invention out into the ocean. They stacked 30 Go Pro cameras into arrays and had videographers swim and ride jet skis while holding those arrays.

As you can see in the behind the scenes video below, the logistics of that shoot were fairly difficult. The array had to be in the perfect spot in order to capture multiple angles of action at once. The video was posted on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. We embedded it below, just in case you want to watch it again.

Fiji Shoot

Behind the Scenes of Fiji Shoot

For more details on all of these shoots and the technology behind them, check out Core77, Cinema5D, and

–Joe Spring


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