An Archive of Every Surf Film Trailer Ever Made

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Check out the board at Pinterest. 

The folks over at The New York Surf Film Festival have built possibly the best site ever for burning away a Friday afternoon at work. They've assembled every surf movie trailer ever made—they think—on a Pinterest board.

For those of you who aren't midwestern housewives looking for a great pineapple upside down cake recipe or simple summer dress patterns, Pinterest is a new social site where you can pin images and videos you like from different websites. Those picks appear together in one place on your profile page. If you're really motivated, like the team at the New York Surf Film Festival, you can aggregate specific images and videos onto themed boards.

This is, so far, the coolest adventure board we've seen on Pinterest. As Jon Coen of ESPN writes, there might be a few obscure movies missing, but this list is a pretty exhaustive.

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And let us know in the comments section below, have you seen any other amazing adventure boards on Pinterest?

H/T: Read the original post about this board by Jon Coen of ESPN.

—Joe Spring

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