Building Better Board Shorts


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Surf shorts don’t offer a lot of support when you’re going from paddling out to riding a tube. Or they haven't—until now.

Oakley’s new Blade II Board Shorts have two parts. On the outside, they're all board—everything you would expect: quick-dry and stretchy with welded seams and a waterproof zip pocket. On the inside, they're high-performance compression shorts. The inner short reduces microvibration that can damage muscle fibers. It's chafe-free, and designed to increase your power, balance and endurance. And if you’re aching for the freedom that typical board shorts offer, the compression shorts snap out.

The whole package repels water, and drains it too, thanks to strategically placed mesh. And the rip-stop fabrics won’t brake down in salty ocean water. They're 21” long (on a 34” waist). Available now, $160,

–Berne Broudy

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